Elizabeth Gilbert, acclaimed author of "Eat, Pray, Love", personally chose actor Coleen Marlo for the difficult and delightful task of giving voice to the many "pilgrims" in this award-winning collection of short stories. Here an audio sample of Coleen's narration on Elizabeth Gilbert's website: http://www.elizabethgilbert.com/pilgrims.htm From Texan Cowboys and their Philly girls, to Hungarian musicians in Pittsburgh, Marlo rises to the task with humor and compassion.

Audible Editor Reviews

"Coleen Marlo, narrator of Pilgrims, has a silk slip of a voice that ably roams from the coarse drawl of a rodeo cowboy to the hollow whine of Babette, a bawdy Manhattan nightclub singer. Marlo passes up the easy fixes of pinning characters with cartoonish regional accents or undermining their essential dignity by assuming an absence of formal education translates into broken English. Pilgrims is both buoyant and prickly. Under Marlo’s finespun, intelligent narration, listeners will find an intuitive collaborator to Gilbert’s good flow." —Nita Rao

"Marlo bags the usual stereotypical vernacular and gives the characters carefully inflected personalities that up the zing on the dialogue. Though it is easy to assume that Gilbert heard very specific voices as she wrote-- or even lived through these tales it's certain that Marlo herself has infused the stories with some American adventures and sensibilities of her own--a direction that had the author applauding I'm sure once she heard the outcome of their collaboration. " Amazon.com "