The Richest Woman in America: Hetty Green in the Gilded Age


A captivating biography of America's first female tycoon, Hetty Green, the iconoclast who forged one of the greatest fortunes of her time.
    No woman in the Gilded Age made as much money as Hetty Green. At the time of her death in 1916, she was worth at least 100 million dollars, equal to more than 2 billion dollars today. A strong believer in women being financially independent, she offered valuable lessons for the present times.

Narrator Coleen Marlo aptly portrays a woman ahead of her time--intelligent and cunning enough to have amassed a fortune. Her net worth of $100 million dollars, for which she was tagged the "Witch of Wall Street," was unprecedented for a woman in the Gilded Age. Marlo deftly delivers the author's deep insights into historical events during Green's lifetime, including the Civil War, bank failings, stock market crashes, and the struggles of the women's movement. Green's life was filled with rewards and disappointments. Never quite gaining her father's approval despite her success in the world of finance, she was simultaneously despised and envied by men less capable. Her fortune helped support churches, municipalities, and even New York City itself. B.J.P. © AudioFile 2013