Blind Spot

Narrator Coleen Marlo captures the enigmatic personality of FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Claire with a subtle but authoritative voice as Saint Claire uses "second sight" to learn about recent murders along the Mississippi River. Marlo matches voice to mood, using hesitancy and understatement to depict her relationship with the agent in charge, Tony Garcia, who cautiously accepts his new alliance with Saint Claire but fears for his career because of her unorthodox skills. Marlo skillfully builds tension as Saint Claire handles victims' personal effects to see each death through the killer's eyes. With a vocal pace that matches the increasing intensity, she also experiences the victims' terror. The narration builds as the chase intensifies.

Coleen Marlo shines at the suspenseful scenes. She supplies action words with energy and tender moments with softness. The final scene with her ghostly lover serves not only as relief from the tense capture, but also shows Bernadette's lighter side. AudioFile

Introducing a heroine unlike any other . . .

FBI Agent Bernadette Saint Clare’s gift of second sight allows her to see things others can’t. But some things are better left unseen . . .

The FBI has never known quite what to do with Agent Bernadette Saint Clare. Shortly after she’s placed at a desk in the basement of the off-site St. Paul office, bodies begin to appear along the sandy banks of the Mississippi. Soon she’s called on to do what she does best: use the personal effects found at a crime scene to see through a killer’s eyes.
An absorbing novel filled with quirky characters on the right and wrong sides of the law, Blind Spot reminds us that life is filled with leaps of faith both great and small.