The voices of Coleen Marlo and Sean Runnette work well here, alternating the narration. Marlo's performance is more emotional and dramatic, which suits her portrayal of the frantic mother who has already lost her husband and will not accept that her son is dead. Both narrators handle the individual characters' voices (male and female) in a convincing way. AudioFile

The third Shane volume is one of the most original and fresh novels of suspense I've ever read, with a truly unique twist. It's a hard book to put down (or to listen to, as I enjoyed the Audio CDs read by the superb Coleen Marlo and Sean Runnette). It's an absorbing read from beginning to end, making one salivate for the next entry in the series. It's a stunner.

In a small New York town, a deranged man holds over one hundred schoolchildren hostage. . .
With the SWAT team about to go in, the gymnasium suddenly explodes in flames. Fortunately, all the students escape–except ten-year-old Noah Corbin. Noah's mother, Haley, is frantic. Was her son killed in the explosion? Did he somehow wander away from the scene, hurt and confused? Or did someone take him?