Soon I will Be Invincible

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Publishers WeeklyListen-Up Award Winner

Read by Coleen Marlo and Paul Boehmer

"Coleen Marlo delivers an excellent account of Fatale, adding softness to the externally hard and cold character. Her inflections throughout Fatale's inner dialogue easily turn listeners' sympathies to the half-metal humanoid." Publishers Weekly
"One other thing about this audiobook, though--the performances by Paul Boehmer and Coleen Marlo, who read the thing, TOTALLY make up for any other shortcomings. As I said, I've been listening to a lot lately, and these two actors are maybe the best I've heard yet. They completely sell the premise, and they do a really great job with not only their own characters (the two narrators), but using different accents and voices when speaking as other characters as well. Honestly, I'd probably recommend listening to the audio version of this over sitting down with a print copy." Pat Lewis Comics and Illustrations
Featuring a cast of superheroes and supervillains with remarkably human emotions who inhabit a world strangely similar to our own, this is an outrageous adventure with a literary bent—a smart take on power and celebrity, glory and responsibility, and those old standbys, truth and justice. HighBridge Audio