This Must Be The Palace

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A sudden death, a never-mailed postcard, and a long-buried secret set the stage for a luminous and heartbreakingly real novel about lost souls finding one another.

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Coleen Marlo pulls us into this fascinating journey of a man trying to understand his dead wife’s past through her narration of Kate Racculia’s debut novel, This Must Be the Place....

He confronts her past upon arriving at the Darby Jones boarding house in Ruby Falls, where Mona lives with her daughter Oneida and an eclectic variety of tenants. Some of the book’s best moments took place around the dinner table, with Marlo’s playful narration of this cast of unique characters....Perhaps the most striking aspect of Racculia’s novel is her thorough development of its characters — supporting players included. Marlo is the perfect performer for such a project, as she manages to peel back the layers of each character through voice and emotion. Amy’s secrets unfold at a tumbling rate in This Must Be the Place, and Marlo’s characterizations bring insight and authenticity to this engrossing study of human nature. —Suzanne Day

"Coleen Marlo shifts seamlessly among the four distinct points of view."---Kirkus Audio Review