Shadow Tag: A Novel

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In brilliantly controlled prose,
Shadow Tag fearlessly explores the complex nature of love, the fluid boundaries of identity, and one family's struggle for survival and redemption.

"Coleen Marlo nimbly captures each tormented character's voice and even portrays the suffering of the children with heartbreaking authenticity. The profound selfishness of the couple makes them difficult to like, but the beauty of Erdrich's writing and the precise neutrality of Marlo's narration make the family wreckage something that can't be ignored." Audiofile

Audible Editor Reviews

"A story of two people who were once passionate lovers now trapped in a dead marriage, Shadow Tag is comprised of short moments told through three narrative perspectives. This intricate patchwork of Louise Erdrich’s striking novel is beautifully stitched together by the affecting voice of Coleen Marlo. Marlo’s performance captures the anger, frustration, and obsession marked by marital strife, enveloping each moment with such intensity that can only be realized through her intuitive narration.
Shadow Tag is a psychological study of the unraveling marriage of two strong, fiery individuals trapped in a misery of their own making. Marlo commands the two protagonists with ardent characterization, capturing every lie, every confession, and every heartbreak with deliberate emotion. Shadow Tag is a powerful portrait of quiet desperation, of the unraveling marriage of an artist and his muse." —Suzanne Day