The Best Laid Plans

Schnurnberger (The Botox Diaries, with Janice Kaplan) goes solo for a middle-age crazy tale of Tru--a stay-at-her-Park-Avenue-home-mom of twin teens whose husband loses his job in the financial meltdown--and glam sidekick Sienna, a TV anchor kicked to the curb for a younger face. The resourceful gals cook up a wacky plan to keep themselves in lipstick and lingerie: an escort agency specializing in well-bred over-40 "courtesans." It's a hit, and along the way, Tru competes to keep her husband; deals with her irrepressible mom, Naomi (a former Miss New York Subway), after her life-changing heart attack; and discovers her daughters are competing for the same wicked eighth-grade heartthrob. The multigenerational antics of this light, enjoyable romp... the message: true love (or is it Tru's loves?) conquers all.