One bizarre death is just that---a death. Two? Could be a coincidence. But in Lori Andrews’s latest thriller, geneticist Dr. Alexandra Blake discovers something much more dangerous than a killer---an epidemic.

Coleen Marlo is especially believable as geneticist Dr. Alexandra Blake. In a cold voice and staccato rhythm she captures Homeland Security's indifference to Blake’s alarm over multiple unexplained deaths in the southwest U.S. When the agency learns that one of the deaths was that of a DEA agent on a Mob stakeout, Marlo manipulates her tone to depict their disdain. With everyone else focused on the controversial presidential race, Blake, with the aid of a rogue DEA agent, is determined to learn if the country faces a bio-threat or a full-blown epidemic. Marlo deftly portrays SAM, a supercomputer, with a humorous twist and gives appropriate accents to characters of the region. Overall, she gives a polished performance of a story that dramatizes some of the nation’s greatest fears.

Taking a break from decoding the genetic sequence of a tropical disease, Alex takes on an investigation into the gruesome and unexplained death of a DEA agent on a mob stakeout in New Mexico. Within hours, she uncovers similar deaths throughout the Southwest. Is it a naturally occurring epidemic or has a lethal bioweapon been released in the United States?
From Alex’s lab to the closed rooms of a killer’s mind, IMMUNITY maps the perfect sequence for an infectious, edge-of-your-seat thriller.